Digital Supply Chain Management with Qrestik Technologies

Digital Supply Chain Management with Qrestik Technologies

Companies are striving to adopt new digital capabilities to safeguard their supply chains from future disruptions as global supply chains become highly volatile and complicated. Emerging technologies and new digital capabilities have several advantages, including improved cooperation, higher service levels for suppliers and customers, paperless processes, cost reduction, faster decision-making, real-time data analytics, and insights for more efficient business practices. 

By employing cutting-edge technology, digital supply chain transformation creates an intelligent enterprise by rethinking and redesigning your supply chain management business processes and models. The digital supply chain is connected, integrated, and intelligent with the goal to enhance real-time collaborations to improve factors such as costs, schedule, and quality of the supply chain. 

Qrestik Technologies Transformation Framework 

With the support of Qrestik’s DSC transformation framework, organizations can assess opportunities and define a schedule for when and how to make strategic changes to their core systems and overall business processes. 

Our key components include 

  • A digital transformation assessment that is with strategic objectives based on organizational and digital culture aiming for operational excellence. 

  • The development of a Digital Supply Chain roadmap which contains a business case development and an estimation of the time and effort required to transform a prospective business. 

  • In Digital Technology Implementation, we build, and test for any gaps, pilot/ rollouts and provide review and support. 

Why Choose Qrestik Technologies? 

  • End-to-end supply chain visibility, KPI monitoring, and real-time data accessibility 

  • Inventory and shipping tracking in real-time 

  • Real-time interaction between internal stakeholders and clients, suppliers, and buyers 

  • Predictive assets with connectivity 

  • Company operations that are automated and have better data accuracy 

  • Improved cost management and profit margins 

  • Increased levels of customer service 

  • Shorter lead times for deliveries 

  • Increased use of mobility and easy user interface 

With Qrestik Technologies Digital Supply Chain Management you avail the use of industry experts and the assurance of a company with more than 800+ man years of cumulative experience gleaned from working with global giants. Our SAP practice easily integrates with Qrestik's digital consulting, engineering services, IoT, and cloud infrastructure practises, to design, deploy, and support tomorrow's integrated, intelligent solutions today. 

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