Oil, Gas & Resources

Oil, Gas & Resources

In this era of continuously evolving technologies, the world is striving for better solutions. From fast-processing databases and elegant frontends to wearable gadgets, technology has changed how business can be executed more efficiently.

Qrestik Technologies provides unique customer-centric solutions that cater to the growing demands of the industry. Our in-house services includes

Finding, lifting and processing oil & gas from the subsurface into the surface and ready for transportation. Also known as exploration and production (E & P)

Transportation and storage of crude oil and natural gas from the E & P plant for further processing by pipeline, railway, roads, or tanker.

Further processing of crude oil and natural gas into the useful final product or raw materials for other industries. Also known as Refining & Marketing ( R & M)

Accelerators are aligned to the business best practices of industry majors and the SAP Activate methodology for S/4HANA


The adaption and turnaround time for big ERP companies with fast-emerging technologies is not simple, and “the one size fits all” strategy faces the challenge of geography-wise regulations and varied business models.

Another challenge customers face is the use of home-grown solutions to fill gaps that are not provided by standard solution offerings. This increases the cost of ownership and has a major impact on users

Why Qrestik?

Qrestik technologies excel at leveraging its expertise and experience gained across the ENR sectors to provide the best in standard solutions aligned with business needs. At the same time, we understand the gaps in these solutions and provide the best out-of-the-box enhancements to bridge the gaps in standard SAP solutions and technologies.

Our team has vast experience handling end-to-end Supply Chain Management of the O&G, Resources industry, and has implemented the digital transformation of a global integrated major. This included Oil and Gas primary and secondary distribution, terminal operations, and hydrocarbon retail networks. From small companies to the largest, we have the experience to ensure the success of your transformation.