The rapid changes in the banking landscape have created an urgency for banks to evolve. Today, customers demand superior customer service and hyper-personalized products and services. This has forced banks to become on-demand ecosystems providing embedded products and services, and digital assets. To remain relevant and avoid disruptions banks need to navigate these and many more challenges.

Qrestik Technologies believes in a Co-innovative approach and supporting our clients to future-proof businesses and financial service firms. Embedded banking and contextual banking that partner with fintech and non-financial firms to bridge gaps are just some of the solutions. Our continuous efforts have been to discover best-in-class services and technology.

What Do We Do?

Qrestik Technologies’ team of experts provides services like

Qrestik Technologies has integrated multiple horizontal capabilities allowing us to offer our clients a full lifecycle of systems integration consulting services.

With global experience in executing IT transformation for more than a decade, we have satisfied more than a dozen clients.

Design and build key platform components that power your company’s digital experience and drive the change.

Conquer the new paradigm Qrestik Technologies provides customers with solutions that reimagine the role of technology and enable digital innovation.

Forklift tracking and monitoring system, Qrestik EWM Voice picking system are some of the innovations that have changed the face of the industry as we know it.