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SAP Digital Supply Chain Management

Qrestik Technologies has been providing SAP supply chain-centric consulting business transformation, implementation, and support services since 2019. The broad range of SAP supply chain applications including SAP Digital, Integrated Business Planning, and Smart Warehouse Management is seamlessly integrated with enterprise mobile, warehouse, and production automation technology to bring modern breakthroughs to your fingertips.

What do we do?

Built an intelligent supply chain with SAP integrated Business planning

Customers who want to move quickly from design to implementation can focus on an accelerated industry-specific program that will maximize value to the business through an iterative approach. The program includes design thinking, road mapping, and implementation.

Customers on legacy solutions like SAP APO can adopt an accelerated transformational path to the SAP IBP cloud, allowing for customized business processes and a clear path to the next-generation supply chain platform.

Industry-leading consulting services for companies that seek to scale existing SAP IBP investments.

Why Qrestik?

Customers can avail of the supremacy of tailored services that have been proven to reduce working capital for customers.

DSC with customizable features such as inventory and shipping tracking in real-time and shorter lead time for deliveries, has reduced the cost of acquiring and maintaining assets.

Company’s operations that have been automated, have better mobility and easy to use interface.

Backed by Qrestik Technologies, customers can now avail the benefits of digital implementation, test for any gaps, and rollouts, and gain review and support, thereby ensuring greater profits.

Advantages of Qrestik

  • Transportation Management System
  • SAP Hybris (SAP CX- SAP Customer Experience)
  • DevOps CI/CD Integration for an Enterprise Program
  • SAP Materials Management

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