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SAP Customer Activity Repository is a customer-centric unified platform that allows you access
to consolidated data of customer transactional activities, allowing you to better predict
shopping trends and requirements.

How do we do it?

Rough stock indicator for stock indicator Availability calculations for DC articles, store articles, vendor articles

To find the best and cost-effective vendors from which the articles can be delivered.

Click and ship or click and collect scenarios

It's an application function library that provides demand modeling and forecasting services.

Why Qrestik?

CAR collects all relevant customer information in one place allowing for smoother and faster processing.

CAR is a real-time platform that collects and analyses data such as POS, inventory position, e-commerce orders, and much more.

All data collected is exposed to applications that simplify access to your customer’s transactional data. This allows you to leverage all the flexibility and convenience.

CAR with Qrestik comes with an embedded forecasting engine that is based on decades of retail data science experience and several proven SAP solutions.

Leverage the power of omnichannel sales repository, price and promotion, inventory, availability, and sourcing.

CAR is the solution to

  • Falling profits due to pandemic
  • The rise in competition from non-traditional players
  • Difficulties in managing multiple platforms from different vendors and disparate data sources
  • The burden of obsolete and redundant legacy IT systems
  • The need for real-time insights into customer behavior for better decision-making
  • The importance of a low-cost and replaceable platform that is capable of extending beyond traditional organizational boundaries.

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