Simplify, Integrate, and Innovate to enhance the value of SAP Investments


Application Management Services with Qrestik Tech provides you with a team of dedicated SAP information support
and maintenance experts who run preventive, corrective, and diagnostic checks as well as add-on services on all
current SAP technologies, ensuring a smooth operation at all times.

What do we do?

  • Reliable add-on enhancements and developments
  • Application integration and extensions
  • Development with standard programming languages such as ABAP, HANA, as well as legacy systems.
  • Comprehensive and large-scale support for SAP and S/4HANA upgrades
  • Round-the-clock support for data migration
  • Configuration of SAP modules and SAP submodules
  • SAP Rollouts to different geographical locations
  • Business Process changes based on cross-module impact
  • User training
  • Increase your SAP application landscape‚Äôs productivity with top-notch SAP Application support.
  • Effective security and assessment management
  • Basis and database management
  • ABAP support
  • Continuous application delivery to optimize the management of your enterprise applications
  • Expert solutions to mitigate security threats and loopholes in your landscape.
  • Reduce time and cost of operations and projects.
  • Consolidated services with certified experts
  • 24x7 technical monitoring and support
  • Cloud, hosting and infrastructure expertise
  • Transport management
  • OS and DB Migration support for SAP ECC ERP
  • Mini projects
  • Transformational Innovation
  • Thought leadership for Digital Transformation
  • Enhanced flexibility
  • Improved financial management
  • Maximized SAP Application utilization and effectiveness
  • Diffrentiated customer service and experience
  • Why Qrestik?

    Having an advanced, automated, and agile AMS for your SAP environment allows for greater flexibility, without having to develop extensive in-house SAP expertise.

    Simplify your finances with greater automation for efficiency and control.

    The additional benefit of optimizing deliveries to match authorities' expectations comes with quality enhancement. By reducing time wastage, you may maintain your concentration on important business activities.

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