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SAP Conversational AI is a collaborative end-to-end platform for creating chatbots. Along with conversational natural language processing and dialog management features and detailed API documentation, SAP Conversational AI makes it easy to connect your bots to almost all popular messaging channels.

SAP Conversational AI offers a single intuitive interface to train, build, test, connect and monitor chatbots embedded into SAP and third-party solutions, a high-performing natural language processing (NLP) technology and low-code features to ensure faster development. Simplify access to information and deliver personalized human-like conversations. Scale businesses by reducing development efforts and costs within support teams. Enhance user satisfaction by automating tedious tasks.

Allow users to deploy chatbots easily and securely in SAP solutions and achieve a faster time to market with SAP Conversational AI services in SAP Business Technology Platform. High-performing natural language processing (NLP) technology

Build human-like chatbots in any language by using world-class NLP technology to analyze text inputs and enrich key data. Intuitive UI for business power users and developers. Enable developers and non-developers to build and deploy chatbots as teams by leveraging enterprise-grade features in an intuitive interface.

Leverage the simplified bot creation feature using an FAQ file (.csv) that includes a set of pre-defined question and answer pairs. The pre-trained intents and entities along with a set of four pre-defined skills allows you to use the FAQ bot out of the box.

Have your chatbots data securely isolated in your own enterprise tenant. Take advantage of enterprise-grade features of SAP BTP such as end-user SSO, SAP BTP destinations and other functionalities. Leverage built-in testing capabilities for your datasets.

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